Monday, December 29, 2008


I took Kendall to the doctor this morning, between 5-6 days of low grade fever and a couple weeks under the weather, we wanted to get her checked. While I was there I asked if she could have a physical, because of course, she was feeling OK this morning.

So they checked her and she's about 90% for height and weight, on track with the way she's been. She has some infection, so we got antibiotics and she got 3 shots. Since she was getting 2 anyway, I went ahead and let her get a flu shot as well. I'm not sold they work, but I figured we'd check and see.

She put up with them well, but didn't like them and had some tears by the third one. She cried a bit as we got to the car, sure the pain wouldn't go away, but by the time we got back here she was fine.

Now we just need to schedule Delaney to get a check up and a few shots of his own.

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