Friday, December 5, 2008

Relatively Easy

Our sensei said a few of the the things we did last night were relatively easy. Like our ab routine at the end. He thought that it was getting easy for a few of us, so in between each of the 4 ab exercises, and book-ending them as well, we did up-downs, or burpies as he called them. Jump up, then hands on the ground, then feet back, up, and stand up. Those are brutal and Delaney was hating life.

But I liked having class with Delaney. We worked together once on the punching drills and it went well. He's a bit of a goof with me, trying to show how hard and fast he can be, but still it's good to see him trying hard. Looking forward to us getting closer in skill and getting to work together more.

And moving on the aikido. Perhaps in 2 years we'll both be black and we can move on.

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