Sunday, October 18, 2009

What have we learned?

I broke one of my favorite coffee mugs this morning. I'd taken it in the bathroom to finish off a half cup with my morning business and set it on the half wall near me and when I stood up, my elbow bumped something. In slow motion, the sound registering in my ear as I saw a black blur fall to the floor. I had a momentary vision of it landing safely on the tile, but no luck. It shattered, spilling the last few ounces on the floor.

So I walked out, closed the door, and was going to get the broom and dustpan when Delaney walked by. I told him not to go in the bathroom, and he said he'd seen me come out and wasn't going in there. It gave me a smile, and I moved on. When I got back with supplies, I had a trash bag as well and enlisted Delaney's help to hold if while I filled it with broken mug pieces. He asked what happened, I hold him, and he said

"Dad, what have we learned?"

I stopped and looked at him, and he told me "Don't drink coffee in the bathroom."

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