Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Teeth

I had my semi-annual dentist appointment today, 2 of the days I dislike in the year, and went to get it over with. It was an 8am appt, so I had to leave early, saying good-bye to Kendall, who I won't see for a couple of days. I'm heading to Austin tonight and back Thur, but Kendall has girl scouts, so she won't get home before I leave.

I got there, was pulled in right away, and got a few x-rays and then it was time to clean teeth. I was slightly worried about the iPhone on my hip with an x-ray machine running near my face, but was covered by the lead blanket, and appears to be working fine.

I usually have good cleanings. The dentist I'm with now is a big operation, I'd guess 20+ chairs, and lots of hygienists, but they do a good job. Most of the ladies I've had clean my teeth are older, 45-50+, and are both nice, and efficient. I had one lady for 3 or 4 cleanings, but she retired, and I missed her. However the others that I've had since then have done a great job.

I'm not sure why it bothers me to have someone working in my mouth, but I constantly tense up and I'll find my shoulders, head, and even hands tight. It's a constant battle to try and force them to relax while there's picking or whirring inside my mouth.

I usually have some plaque, and get some reminders that I'm not flossing enough, but today it was a pretty quick cleaning, without too many comments. Not much bleeding, and the dentist checked me out for 3.2 minutes and let me go. About 35 minutes in and out.

The only note was them telling me my tongue has a little scar tissue on it. I have a tooth on the right side that's bent inward and irritates my tongue at times. I've debated braces, but nothing so far.

I guess those floss sticks I keep nearby and use once a week are enough.

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