Sunday, October 4, 2009

No Cigar

I got closer today, but am not done. Things are almost cut, and I have 5 small pieces to fit around the edge of the toilet room.

I had a relaxed day, taking it easy. I had football on while I grouted a little, cut more tiles, and ripped out the stinky carpet from the toilet area. That was a chore, and I had the fan going, and took multiple breaks from the odor. Glad to be rid of that. Moving toilets isn't my favorite thing, but I decided to just get it done.

bathroom_inout The view from inside the bathroom looking out shows the grout lines, which still need a little wiping down, and the rest of the tiles into the toilet area being cut. I have 5 pieces to cut for the edges of that room and I need to trim the 2 pieces that meet the carpet for a smooth edge and I'll be done. I'll do those first thing tomorrow and glue them down, letting them dry during the day and I can grout tomorrow night.

It's been a big project, and I think if I hadn't lost all of Thur, I'd be done now, or at least have the tile done and be ready to install the toilet tomorrow.

Still it's been interesting and I've enjoyed it. Despite the sore muscles, and the tired back, it feels good to get this done.

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