Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was debating whether we should head out tonight, but the roads didn't seem that bad when I picked up kids from school, and I wanted to get milk and a couple grocery items. The kids had gone outside after school to sled a little after homework, and we packed up to leave.

As we headed down the driveway, things were fine. As we headed up the other side, the Prius bogged down a little, which I expected, but then it slipped off the left side of the road. There's a bit of a ditch there, not deep, but deep enough that the tires slipped in and the @$!@#traction control killed power to the right wheel. So we were stuck.

I tried rocking it, and managed to get down the driveway a bit, but it couldn't get power to get up and we ended up sliding to the right, this time getting stuck.

So I guess things weren't to be. We had to hike back, Kendall and I making it back easily, Delaney had to get his boots on and then ran back, so he had a little workout.

I debated getting the tractor out and pushing the Prius, but it's a mess now and it's supposed to clear up, so I think I'll aim to try in the morning. Get up early and go out there before Delaney needs to leave.

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