Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cold and Snowy

The weather in CO is something else. They were calling for snow last night, but nothing had really come down when we got home at 9 from scouts. However we woke up to a white ground and snow coming down. When I left the garage with Delaney, it was still coming down and the Prius slipped around a little. We were heading up the road when Delaney struggled getting boots on. I stopped since I thought we might need to go back and get shoes and then struggled to get the car moving.

It was slightly better when I took Kendall, a few cars having run down the road, but still not great. If it doesn't stop soon, I'm not sure we're going to get to tutoring and karate tonight. Tia took the truck to the airport for her Las Vegas trip, so it's the Prius or Porsche for transportation.


Tia was running late, so I got stuck handling the horses this morning. Not a big deal, and thankfully it wasn't too windy. I got finished coffee and then grabbed boots, a coat, and the first hat I found to cover my head. Maybe not the best look, but it worked OK. Maybe not the best look, but cold in CO isn't that cold.

The dogs came out with me, after I helped Kahli up. She is struggling as the weather gets colder, not that she was doing that great before. :(


They had some fun in the snow while I got 2 bales in the cart and wheeled it around to various places in the snow. Actually I got a bale in the cart, hunted around for awhile looking for scissors, finally found a different pair then I expected, and then cut the bale loose.

Gemini's in jail for some reason, probably a second degree account of herd bullying, so he gets fed by himself. The it was out the back door, where the wind was just blowing a little snow around.

The horses sometimes don't want to let each other eat, so I have to spread things around. It's not too bad, and I used the buckets we had, but to be sure everyone could eat on this cold morning I had to drop a little on the ground as well. They didn't seem to mind and each picked a pile to start eating from and ignored me.


I finished and was going to walk away when I thought I should check water. It wasn't that cold, but there was a layer of ice in one bucket, so I plugged in the heater and got that set up to be sure there will be water for the herd.

And I forgot Gemini. Just realized that, so I'll be heading out shortly to see if his water is frozen.

Just then I got a call from the maid. She was in the house and wondered if I was around. She didn't know if we had expected her today and if we were ready. I laughed and said I'd be right over. She told me no hurry, the dogs had let her in :)

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