Wednesday, October 7, 2009


After tiling all day Friday I needed a shower, but our bathroom was a mess, so I went to the guest bathroom downstairs and took a shower there. That head is old, clogged, and throws out tiny mist jets of water that hurt. I don't mind a little pressure on the shower and even I didn't want to put my face in the water.

So Saturday when I needed to do the same thing, I instead stopped for a minute, unscrewed it, and instead put on a rain shower head I'd gotten at Home Depot. It was plastic and cheap, and the arm could barely hold the head up where I wanted, but I loved it. I have seen "rain" shower heads for years and never thought much of then, but this was great.

Last night I had both little kids take a shower down there to try it out and see what they thought. They both loved it. They said we should get one up here. So tonight I was looking online for some, trying to match the bright brass finish in our bathroom. I am amazed at the selection and prices.

There's simple arms like this BathLogix hi/lo, though not Brass. It's $60 from Bed Bath and Beyond.

And then there is the Centurian from Amazon for $250+

Or there's the Rohl 1075/8 Single Function Circular Rainfall Shower Head for $538.

I'd like to get a nice one, maybe splurge a little, but I think $100 or so is a splurge for a shower head. We'll see. I'm likely to just see what is available at Home Depot or somewhere locally and just get it.

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