Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Loveland opened today! At least on their site they list today as opening day. However as you can see from the main basin camera, there's not a lot of snow up there yet. They are making snow, and the images from the top of chair one look pretty good on that page.

I checked Copper, and they have some snow, but nowhere near enough to open. We're going there for Thanksgiving, so I'm slightly concerned.

Arapahoe Basin, which is supposed to open on Friday, looks pretty good.

I took the kids last night to get new boots. We're almost set, picking up Kendall's skis this weekend. She was a little annoyed that we didn't get her new ones, but these should still be OK. Delaney's board is also fine, but we had to go to the smallest adult boots for him.

I'm out of town next week, but it is looking good for a day or two of skiing in October.

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