Sunday, October 25, 2009

St. Marteen

We're heading to St. Marteen in January. Tia was rewarded with a free trip for 2 to St. Marteen in January as a part of her sales organization. The top performers win a trip every year to some destination. While she's worked there she's seen people get trips to Hawaii and Canada, and always wanted to go. She called me Thur or Fri night to let me know that she'd won the trip and we were heading out for 5 days in the middle of Jan.

I'm not sure if we'll take the kids. We were torn on it, me thinking we'd leave them home since they'll miss some time in Jan for skiing and the two of us could use a trip. We'll see, but it's exciting to think about getting a vacation out in the Carribean around all my ski trips :)

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