Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tractor Door Day

Every spring when it starts getting warm, I pull the doors off the tractor. The heat builds in there from the sun with plastic windows, so sometime around May it's uncomfortable to be in there. In the fall, the reverse happens. It starts to get cold, and I don't want to be out there plowing, especially in the wind, without cover.

The tractor's been stuck up at the front of the yard since I pulled out the Prius. I haven't been wanting to take the time to walk up there and get it. But with snow forecasted for overnight, I might have to get out there tomorrow or Monday. So I decided to walk up this afternoon. Kendall joined me for the "long" (1/4 mile) walk up to the gate. We fired up the tractor and then headed back.

She rode on my lap, and I let her steer it around the jumps in the yard. There's a lot of room for error, but she seemed to enjoy it. At least until we get close to the house. Then she wanted me to drive. I pulled up by the shed, and she worked the lift controls while I attached the rear blade. Then we pulled the doors out of the shed and while I held them up, so tightened the nuts on the bolts.

They're not tight, but we're prepared for winter. Or at least snow.

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