Thursday, October 29, 2009

Definitely Snowed In

I shouldn't say definitely. It's been snowing all day, and blowing. Tia said last night she had drifts to her knees, and today said there were some up mid-thigh when she went to feed. I haven't bothered to go out, since it's cold, windy, and there's no reason to. I guess we could get out with the tractor and the truck if we had to, but we don't need to.

So no reason to do anything.

Conferences canceled today, which isn't great. I wanted to talk with Kendall's teacher and see what she needs to work on. The little kids don't care, other than being a little bored here at home, stuck inside. We're not even trying to get to the neighbor's house in this weather. Mostly because no parents want to make the walk.

Kyle decided he wanted to go to a friend's yesterday. Tia would't let him drive, but they came into the road and he hiked out to meet them. He called today, wanting to come home, but we said he'd have to find his own way back. We're not going out to try today.

It's funny. I have friends all over the world, many of them heading to Seattle for a conference next week. I'm going as well, but none of them are snowed in. In fact, some of them are having late summer weather, and it's kind of funny to have so many of the people I work with and talk to regularly not experiencing the same thing. It's much different than when I was in an office. We all had fairly shared experiences based on proximity. Something that's not the same on the Internet.

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