Friday, October 2, 2009


I had a nice quiet morning, reading news on the Internet and having coffee. Then it was time to start cutting tiles. I first put down mortar and get the backer board set in the floor. That took an hour to so to get things setup and glued and screwed down.

Then it was time for tile. I've done this a few ways, but this time I decided to get all the tiles cut first. So I fired up the TV, turned on a football game I'd recorded the other day, and started measuring tiles. It's long slow work, and I managed to get quite a bit done before I was getting low on tile.

I took a break and hit Lowes, getting more tiles and mortar. I like the pre-mixed stuff because it's easier to deal with and I can store it in the basement.

Here's where I am now. I got most of the tiles cut, using the wet saw on a beautiful October day in Colorado. I have about 10 or 11 tiles, or pieces left to cut, and I'll measure a few more and cut them in the morning. It's getting too dark to see the marks on the tile now, so I've knocked off and would like to get a beer.

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