Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For a half day at least. I woke up, debating whether or not to go skiing. I haven't been this year, and though it's early, I want to go. Things have come up, and this seems like a good day. Especially as I'm gone for almost two weeks starting Monday, so I won't get many chances.

The little kids are off Friday, and we've talked about going, but it's also supposed to snow the next two days. Which means the roads might be bad and it might not be a good idea to head to the mountains. So if I don't go today, then I might not be able to go for awhile.

OK, I'm exaggerating. We could go this weekend as well.

But I'm in good shape for work. Things are scheduled, I have editorials ready to go, and I got my guest editorial for Friday, so I only have to upload one tonight and then I'm good until next week. I'll have a few ready, but I'm thinking to shoot some live while I'm there.

So it's a good day to go skiing.

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