Thursday, October 22, 2009

Army Time

5:00 – wake up, check the clock, internal groan.

5:30 – tossing and turning, check clock again, drink water. consider getting up and decide to try to rest.

5:45 – alarm doesn’t go off. Check iPod, it’s set for 5:52. grumble, get up.

5:52 – pull on boots, head outside. Start tractor, walk to the ATV to look for chains. Can’t get the chain loose, head back to the garage.

6:00 – find chains, get in tractor, headlights on, start down the driveway. Plow one side.

I get one side of the driveway plowed, and it looks OK. Not as much as I’d like, but it’s hard to see in the dark. Really need lights up higher on the tractor to shine beyond the blade. Wish I had doors on the tractor, but there isn’t too much wind. I get to the Prius and pop out the front hole for towing. Then I head to the rear hatch and I’m looking for the eye bolt. There’s no light there, I wish I’d brought a flashlight, but I find it by touch. I also start the Prius up to warm up and put in in neutral.

Screw it in front, back up the tractor, use the clasp to hold the chain together and get back in the tractor. I feel a pull and then a snap. The clasp didn’t hold.

After a minute of cursing, I get down, go back and check another link I have. I screw it on the chain, and cross my fingers that it will hold. I go slow, and move the car out. I pull it up to a relatively level spot so it won’t get stuck.

I then pull the Prius close to get slack, remove the chain and eyebolt, and then move the tractor. I flip the Prius around in the cul-de-sac and then head to the house. It’s 6:45, and I’m hoping Delaney is up. He isn’t, but I get him up and we manage to make the bus. It helps the bus is almost 10 minutes late.

Go back, get Kendall up. She’s more trouble and moving slow, but we manage to get to school just as the lady stopping traffic starts to go inside. Kendall reaches her at the door, so she’s not too late.

Back home, the Prius is really slipping. I get garbage out, but almost get stuck a few times. Park the Prius in the cul-de-sac, fire up the tractor, plow the road and driveway.

Hopefully no more Prius adventures today.

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