Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Delaney had his second Court of Honor at Scouts tonight and received his Tenderfoot rank. It's really the first step to Eagle and he seemed proud. I walked up there with him to get it and got a nice hug. I'd forgotten the red ribbon for the pin, but I'll need to remember it next time.

There were 3 boys that were recognized since the July Court, and that was pretty cool. One came over to talk to another leader near me, and stopped to introduce himself to me and another Dad. That was pretty cool. He was a nice young man, great manners, and impressive. I'm hoping Delaney will be like that when he gets to that point.

There's going to be another Court of Honor in December, and I'm going to remind him he can move on to another rank by then with some work. He's close to 2nd class, just 3 or 4 requirements left.

He's also close to a few more merit badges. Space Exploration just needs a signature, Citizenship in the Community a couple things, and then he will earn Aviation this weekend at a Young Eagle event, and Metalworking at the merit badge college in November.

He felt a little bad that he didn't have 2nd class done. He's been close for a couple months and has slacked off, but we've been busy, so I haven't worried or reminded him much. I told him to not worry about it. He's on a good pace, and should have 3 or 4 more badges by December and I'm sure he'll have 2nd class by March. That's a pretty good pace. A year in and he will have 2 ranks and 6 or 7 merit badges.

Well on his way.

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