Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Wet Morning

It was supposed to snow today and I woke up to a misty, wet, cold morning. I got Delaney to school and then took out some trash when Tia got back from dropping off Kendall. At that point I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had planned to hit karate this morning since Delaney was thinking to stay late and work the concession stand after school and I didn’t want to drag him from there to karate. However I needed to run as well. Didn’t want to break the streak at 393.

After I got some work done, I decided to just head down and get the run done before karate. I took a sweatshirt, hat, and the Nano. Flurries were coming down here at home, but it seemed to clear up and just be cold as I got to Parker. Running a bit late, I swung into the parking lot a little fast, making one of the other ladies in the class look up. I slowed down to park, and then raced out of the car, iPod on, pulling on my hat and heading down the block.

There’s a good route that I take around a few blocks near karate that’s just over a mile. As I started down the road, trying to hurry since I only had 15 minutes, it started to snow. Not a big deal, but it was cold as well and I had to pull my hands into the sleeves.

But it felt good, I raced around quicker than normal, and then went into karate sweating pretty good. I tried to take it easy, especially working with a new lady, but it’s hard to completely stop the effort. I worked slower during warmups, and tried not to hit hard on drills, but still had a good sweat.

I threw on a sweatshirt for the ride home and was wet. I got cold, and had to pull it off and start some laundry when I got home.

After moving my rain shower head upstairs, I had a nice hot shower and feel much better now. Not quite looking forward to going back out to get kids.

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