Friday, October 9, 2009

No More Braces

Kendall got her braces off today, at least for a week. She'll go back next week to get a retainer, but for now she's free of braces.



This was after she had to sit through a mold of her teeth. Next week she'll go back for a retainer to get stuck behind her teeth and that will sit there for a year or so. I think Delaney had his for 18 months before it came off.


She handled everything well, a far cry from 18 months ago when we started this process. She's looking good and cute, and she is happy to have her braces gone.

Delaney got checked as well, and the ortho said that he has a little underbite and so she wants him to grow more before he get braces again. He definitely needs them, but she's thinking not until he's 15 or so when he's mostly done growing.

We haven't had great ortho luck. Kyle had the teeth and braces from hell for a few years as they tried to get a tooth to come down. Delaney hasn't been bad, but it's been slow and Kendall had lots of trouble with wires coming loose and poking her. I will be glad to not have any braces on kids for a few years.


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