Friday, October 23, 2009

A Better Morning

Both kids were easy to deal with this morning, and it made things nice for all of us. First, I didn't wake up early. Between being tired and trying the iPod alarm, I woke up at 6:20. I could see Delaney's light on, and he walked out a moment later, coming to shake me on the shoulders, telling me I was late.

Yesterday Kendall was tough. She was tired, then didn't want the socks I got, pulling them off. Not wanting the shirt, so I asked her to get dressed. I went to get contacts on, and came back 10 minutes later to find her sitting in her room doing nothing. This continued a few times, with her saying she didn't have socks, couldn't find pants, basically not wanting to do anything herself. Tia had a hard time with her on Monday as well, and we ended up fighting until she went to school. Both of us were upset.

When I picked her up, we sat down and talked a little. I let her tell me what she didn't like and I told her what I thought was the problem. We both agreed to try harder to understand the other's point of view. So when we got back from karate, I suggested that she find clothes at night so there wouldn't be a problem in the morning. She agreed, and made a pile at the end of her bed.

This morning I got her up and went to check email. She came downstairs quickly, dressed, and happy. She said that worked well, and then asked if I would take her out for breakfast. She was so pleasant, I agreed, and she got a custom cooked Subway breakfast before school.

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