Saturday, October 10, 2009


I don't usually do the Saturday karate class. In fact, I haven't done it in probably a year. It's typically the kids' leadership class and while I don't mind working with some kids, I feel strange. So Delaney and I went down there, and I almost walked in without my stuff. I asked Delaney and he said I should, so I grabbed my stuff, thinking I'd see if any other adults were doing class.

As it ended up, there were two ladies, and another guy, so we ended up matched pretty well. We had a decent work out. Not hard, but not easy, and I got a sweat going. I was glad I did it at the end.

A friend who also does karate, but didn't today, told me that Delaney did a great job. She was watching, and he was patient and careful with his partner, a kid that isn't always paying attention. That was nice to hear as well.

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