Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lumberjack Breakfast

When we've gone camping with the Boy Scouts a few times, one of the other dads has made what he called a "lumberjack breakfast", cooking some hash browns in a Dutch oven and then pouring in eggs and sausage and letting that cook together. I made it a few times this week for Delaney, and it looked good, so I made a large batch for both of us today.

I tweeted about it, but then I searched online, wondering if that was the real recipe. Apparently there are all sorts of lumberjack breakfast recipes, and I think it's more a matter of cooking things family style and sharing. So here's our recipe.

  1. Start cooking hash browns in a pan. I use frozen ones, and cook them covered in a little oil or butter in a pan.
  2. While those are starting to brown, I cut up a few slices of onion and drop them in the pan.
  3. I cut up some sausage and bacon as well.
  4. I whip up a couple eggs with water.
  5. After 3-4 minutes, I flip over the hash browns and onion mixture, and then add the meat.
  6. After a minute or two, I then pour in the eggs and let them cook for a minute.
  7. Stir things up until the eggs are cooked.

Delaney likes Taco Bell sauce (mild) on his and I think it's pretty good. I also added a warm tortilla with mine.

A good way to start the day.

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Anonymous said...

We have a breakfast casserole recipe which is similar. However, it assumes you've got a regular oven, so probably not so good for camping. Any case, glass casserole dish, surfaces buttered. Croissant biscuit dough spread out to cover the bottom of the disk. Browned sausage sprinkled around. Milk and eggs mixed together, enough to cover most of the sausage. Topped with cheese. Baked until done.