Friday, October 30, 2009

Running to the PASS Summit

Well, not literally. I’m not going to run to Seattle from Denver, but I’ll be running at the Summit.

Last year when the Summit took place, I was about 70 days into my running streak. I was worried about keeping it going at the Summit since it’s a busy week for me. The days are long and I’m meeting and catching up with people all day. In previous years I’ve exercised the first day or two, but then have struggled to get going as the week progresses.

I had some time to get used to it, arriving 4 days early last year with my son and running in the morning before we went sightseeing each day. This year, I’m not arriving early, thought I am staying late, until Saturday.

This year I’ll be over 400 days in, and I’m planning on getting through the week with more running! Look for me in the Sheraton health club somewhere around 6:30-7 each morning.

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