Sunday, October 18, 2009


A sore neck today. I think it was all the painting work I did yesterday in the trailer. Tia had cleaned it out, pulled out the mats and scrubbed the floor. It started to get late, and so I went out to paint the floor and be sure if got done. It's supposed to be a once a year event, to paint the floorboards.

So I opened the paint, gave it a quick sweep, and stared painting the floor. I knew it was hard work, so I brought a rolling stool in there and sat on that, but it was still constant bending over to get paint and reach for the next spot to cover.

It didn't take long, probably 45 minutes, but I knew that my back was a little sore by the end. However after sitting last night in the roast and then sleeping, my back was definitely tight and achy. I woke up this morning, feeling it tight, and as soon as I sat up, my neck felt a pull.

It's different this time, pain when I bend my neck forward as opposed to turning it side to side. Something tightened up and pulled on a nerve.

Now it's time to take it easy today, running a couple errands to fix toilets and then watching football.

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