Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Rock Guitar

Why is the You Rock guitar cool?

It’s almost like a real guitar, but not really. Unlike the new Fender guitar for Rock  Band 3 that’s a real guitar which you can use with the game, the You Rock guitar seemed like a better fit to me.

From the You Rock blog: “the goal is to get people to stop practicing music, and to start playing it”

I agree with that. Learning to play a real guitar is hard. Even someone like me, someone that enjoys it, and has spent hours, across years developing some skill, doesn’t feel that competent. And it’s hard to make music by yourself, much less with a band.

I want to just play, and that’s one reason I enjoy Rock Band. I can just play music, with some skills involved, and enjoy it. I can even sing and play, and have a good time.

I’m hoping that the Your Rock guitar will combine a little of both, plus I can play with my iPod on it. That was one reason I went ahead and confirmed my order, even though the new Rock Band 3 will have a real Fender option.

Here’s another quote:

“The default mode makes so, even if you’re on the wrong fret, it will play the right note. That’s kind of cheating, but I think that makes you play more, because you sound cool”

Maybe now I’ll be able to play some songs during camping that everyone will enjoy.

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