Monday, June 28, 2010

Left Handed Third Base

Lots of sore arms yesterday, so I got placed at third base. My right arm was sore, so I went out there left handed, which is supposed to be a no-no. I thought I'd be OK, and since I don't have a rocket arm either side, I figured the extra half turn to throw would be countered by a stronger throw from the left arm. Anything close I wouldn't make anyway.

The first batter, on my old team, grounded to me, and I muffed it. Actually I pulled up early and it trickled below my glove, earning me a lot of cat calls. The rest of the afternoon was fairly uneventful. I made two plays on line drives, catching them easily, a good thing. I chased one down into short left, but was running back and looking up and couldn't reach it. Not really a play I'd make anyway and I was only even close since I'd been shifted over almost to short for a left-handed batter.

At the plate I wasn't better. A weak grounder to first that I topped. A hard hit, but too high curve to deep left. 0-2 when I came up in the 7th. I fouled off a few, but then jerked and let one go that I was thinking was too high, and slightly outside. Strike 3. After not making any good plays in front of the old coach, I felt a little embarrassed, and disappointed a lot.

I got a grounder in the bottom of the 7th, 2 outs, and threw too far on the left to first. I'd been pulling the person over there all day in warm-ups and this was no different. It would have been 3 outs, but a couple hits, a couple other errors, and all of a sudden we were down 11-1 and the game was over. That was annoying.

A quick game, 2 hours, and not much fun. No one on our team hit well, and once again we lost. This one was more annoying playing my old team, and because I didn't have a good game. Still, it was fun, I watched an inning of the next game, and was glad that I at least got to play. Now two more weeks to rest up.

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