Thursday, June 24, 2010

AV Security – It’s a Virus

My computer started popping up anti-virus warnings yesterday. At first I thought that my system had kicked in, but then I realized that I hadn’t installed Anti-virus on this machine after the last time I rebuilt it. However something was fishy.

I tried to do some searching and discovered that it really is a virus that mimics a security program. It’s called the AV Security Virus, and it is a pain. It tells you that your security program is out of date, and then pops up  website if you want to activate it that looks like a real software vendor site.


Don’t click on anything and don’t try to activate it. I found my computer to be almost useless, with every program showing a virus error. Including Task Manager! These are all generated by the virus, so you think that it is helping, but it isn’t.

Fortunately I had a second computer from which I bought the Norton 2010 Anti-virus program and downloaded it. I then rebooted my desktop into Safe Mode with Networking (hit F8 during boot) and installed the program. It rebooted and is scanning now.

Fingers are crossed.

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