Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Karate Night

Once or twice a year our karate school has a Family Month, and every Thur night, instead of the adult class, we have a family class. It’s mostly for kids to bring their parents, but a few parents that don’t have kids involved will get them in there. It’s a big, busy class, and kind of fun. We’ve done different things, but tonight Tia and Kendall joined Delaney and I.

After a short warmup and a short set of leg exercises (knees, kicks), we did a little pad work. I had Kendall, and she struggled a bit at first, but I tried to get her to relax, not try too hard, and have fun. When we kicked pads, she as having fun.

After that everyone say down and our instructor had students do some demos of whatever they wanted. Lots of work work, and it was pretty cool. Most kids did things and I wondered what Delaney would do. Finally he raised his hand and wanted to do Shodan I, the Black Belt form for his demo. He was the first person to do it, and a couple people joined him and they ran through it. Pretty cool.

We closed with more exercise, squats, push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers. Kendall was next to me struggling with most of them, but she loved the mountain climbers, racing through them.

A good night. Tia remembered a lot and had fun. Kendall had fun I think, but she said she doesn’t want to do it as a regular thing. A fun night.

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