Friday, June 18, 2010

Targa Tops and Conference Calls

I was heading to town to run a couple errands today and my plan was to get a couple done and then call my business partner for a call to talk about a few things while I ran some non-thinking errands. I can’t keep a call as I drive into town, and I thought I’d enjoy a fairly quiet ride in.

So I took the top off the 911 as I headed into town.

And promptly got called just about the time I got back into cell service in Parker. Grr. My dreams of some topless time in the car took a dive, and I had to pull over, put the roof on, crank up the AC, and get to work.

I have a headset, but I can’t hear very well, and can’t be heard, with the targa top down. It’s too loud, with lots of wind. Oh well, at least I got the car out for a few minutes. I’ll have a little more time Sunday to enjoy driving around topless in my car.

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