Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tobias Buckell

62608277[1] I stumbled on this blog entry recently while reading about ebook pricing Tobias Buckell. You know that I think publishers are screwing people around, but I do understand what Tobias is saying about it being economics. If you don’t want to pay the price, don’t. I’m not, and I’ll wait for 61 Hours until the price comes down.

However after reading the entry, and scanning a few more, I sent an email to Tobias, telling him that I’d be curious if he felt differently 6 months later. I mangled my message slightly, but he wrote back to me, sending me a nice long email, easily 1000 words.

We ended up exchanging a few emails last night, going back and forth on a few things, and I like his openness, and his willingness to communicate with someone across the Internet.

So I bought one of his books, Ragamuffin, and told him that I couldn’t get the first one of his series, Crystal Rain on Amazon. He said he’d look into it and I ended up buying his collection of short stories as well, Tides of the New Moon. He’s not normally the author I’d pick, but I appreciated his communications and time, and decided to support him. Even if I don’t like the books, I’m happy to support him.

Look for reviews of the books, coming soon.

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