Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Justin Bieber

I bought two tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in Broomfield July 8 tonight. I am thinking that I might not really enjoy it, but this was really a present for Kendall. She is smitten with Justin in a way that I haven’t seen before. She loves listening to his songs, to the dismay of Delaney who doesn’t like it.

I remember being excited about concerts, and my first one (Andy Gibb) around the time I was Delaney’s age. Or was it Kendall’s? In any case she was so excited when she heard he was coming to the area, so I had to get tickets. Not great seats, but she’s 9, and it will be an adventure for her.

Tia had been looking to take people to a concert this summer, and I think she’s taking Kyle to see Chicago at the end of the summer. Delaney wants Eminem, though I’m not sure that’s the concert to take him to see at this age. But Kendall will get her Bieber concert in a few weeks, and I’m sure it will be a memory for her to treasure.

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