Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I’d buy an iPhone4, but ….

I don’t trust ATT.

That’s saying something. AT&T, the company that built US telco, that gave us innovations from Bell Labs, including Unix. They got an exclusive deal for the coolest phone I have ever used, and I don’t trust them.

Their network, despite upgrades, still has me worried. There are so many people I know with iPhones that hate the company. They have constant issues with both voice calls and data access. If I had even 50% of my ATT friends happy with the service I’d order an iPhone 4, switch to ATT and be happy.

Instead I’m at a bit of a crossroads.

Not that T-Mobile is that great. Last night I had to turn airplane mode on/off to get a data connection to sync up. There have been issues with T-Mo in my area at times, and I don’t get data access most of the time I’m near the house. Not a huge big deal as I have wifi at home, but annoying at times.

I have an iPhone 2G, jailbroken and running on T-Mobile. I’ve had it over a year, after having a Google G1 (Android 1.5, 1.6) and a T-Mobile Dash (WinMo 6.0) and the iPhone blows them away. In terms of what I use it for, I have email (so-so), calendaring (crappy), music (excellent), reading (excellent), camera (excellent), lots of special purpose apps for things like banking, travel, etc. that I use. Trying to do things in a browser, even a mobile site on a cell phone sucks. Many times it’s not even usable.

The iPhone wins for me, mostly because of the platform. Music/reading/apps that work for me. Android is getting close, with the Kindle app coming, and (hopefully) Google Music with a desktop sync that works. Android 2.2 looks interesting, but until the platform gets more mature, with more useful apps and capabilities that I need, I won’t move.

So the rest of you, please, please, please, order your iPhone 4s now so that I can pick up a used 3GS, crack it, and upgrade to iOS4 :)

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