Friday, June 25, 2010

Loose Horses, A Photographer, and a Fire Truck

Tia had booked us with a professional photographer last night. She contacted Monica Starr Brown, who a friend of hers used, to come by and shoot the family. So we tried to finish work, and then get everyone clean and dressed in clothes that would look good in a picture.

The photographer was late, so we were rushing to get outside before the light went down. Tia wanted some with dogs and horses, and so we had a whole crew outside walking around in the front, using the fields and the light to get some pictures.

It was going well, we had kids on horses bareback, shooting a variety of shots, when things started to go south. Tia didn’t have anyone holding horses while we shot some with kids and dogs when they started to walk away. Deuce gave chase, and all of a sudden they were running in the distance.

We weren’t sure what to do as the sun was slipping over the mountains, but decided to drive out there and get a few more. So everyone piled in the pickup and we drove out there. While we were shooting, I saw a fire truck come down the road. Not too fast, no lights on, but I had a feeling.

Sure enough they stopped by our gate and the lights came on and they proceeded down to the house. Apparently our fire alarm had done off and since no one had answered the home phone, they deployed. No fire, no hint of one as they searched the house manually, and with a thermal imager.

Not sure what happened, but it was a hectic night between that and the photo shoot. To top it off, a friend of Tia’s was dropping off a horse last night late for Tia to take to her race tomorrow.

Life is never slow at the ranch.

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