Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Early Morning Run

We started Father’s Day by getting the little kids and Tia up and heading to the high school track for another karate run. It was warmer, not quite hot, with a nice breeze, as we did a 2mi run with Delaney. Kendall abandoned us immediately and played on the field and in the sand with a friend. We made it a bit past a mile before Delaney needed to walk, but he was much better than the last time. He did the 2 miles, running the last quarter mile with a good kick and quick finish.

It was a good run, and then we stopped by McDonalds for some breakfast from the kids. They played, we relaxed a bit, and the lady next to us said we were the first family she’d seen today with the Dad spending time with the kids. I think she was a little bitter, but who knows.

A good start, now a few chores and then baseball.

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