Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Not a great game today. I missed the game two weeks ago, and last week we were rained out. So I was looking forward to today, especially after the team won the last one. We were still working out way through the teams and went out thinking we’d have a good game. We opened with a 1-2-3-4 inning, a triple and 3 people, including myself making outs (ground out for me).

In the field, we had an OK inning, but then fell apart the next 2 innings, giving up over a dozen runs. Our pitchers were better, not walking so many, but we just didn’t make plays. We had a lot of hard hit grounders that either got through or were bumbled. I played first, and didn’t pick up a couple of bad throws, but there were quite a few bad throws my way.

At the plate, I hit one to right that was dropped, got to 2nd, but the guy at first stepped off when a throw was made over there. He was dead, so I moved and got myself into a rundown. He made it to second,and I almost made it to third, but got tagged as I dove in. I ended up scraping up my left arm pretty good, which annoyed me as the game went on.

In my last at bat I struck out on a good curve that died down on me, and then a mid letters fast ball that I couldn’t get up on.

It was just a tough game, few hits on our side, lots of bad throws, and just frustrating. Not one I enjoyed that much.

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