Friday, June 4, 2010

Back in Pensacola

I arrived in Pensacola this afternoon, after relatively smooth and easy flights from Denver and Houston. I had to get up at 5:00 this morning to head to the airport, leaving my lovely wife alone in the house. All the kids were gone, sleeping over with friends and family. It was strange, and sad, to kiss my wife goodbye and head out for a work trip.

I got here, got my 2 minute shuttle ride to the hotel and went for a run. It’s warm, not hot to me, but humid. I enjoyed it since I don’t get to run at sea level, in humid weather very often, and it brings back memories of my youth.

It’s funny being back here. The same hotel where I was last year with Kendall. She was getting ready to leave last night, heading to her Aunt’s and I was watching Celtics/Lakers. She came up to the room like 3 or 4 times to say good bye, give me hugs, and seemed a little sad that I was leaving. We enjoyed our trip last year, and talked about it a bit. She told me a few times that she was going to miss me, and it would be sad to come home today and not have me there. It somewhat made me sad, but it was tempered by Delaney and Kyle not really caring I was leaving. They’re too old, and too used to both Tia and I leaving.

It is cool to be here. I was reflecting on the drive over that here I am, flying halfway across the country to speak at an event. That’s pretty cool.

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tjaybelt said...

i went to Cali with my family before Memorial Weekend. Then came home alone. its been 4 days now alone. 7 more to go. its really tough being separated from your family, when they are around all the time.
guess this is the first time that im here, without them. usually its me that leaves. I feel ya.