Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book #43 – Whiskey Sour

23489294[1] I grabbed Whiskey Sour after reading the author’s blog, which has a great take on ebooks. What started as support for the author became a little fandom. The hero of the book is Chicago police lieutenant Jack Daniels, which is funny in itself.

In this one we have a serial killer, who starts with a killing that is found stuffed into a trash can at a 7-11. Jack Daniels is on the case, and the book alternates between the killer’s mindset and the Lt’s work on the case. As the killer stalks and kills more victims, Jack Daniels works through her own issues, her insomnia, her dating situation, and the case.

Like some of the more humorous mysteries, this one focuses more on things outside the case, though the scenes and actions revolve around the case. It’s not realistic, but it’s not trying to be and it was fun for me to read it. I got done wiht this one and immediately bought a couple more.

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