Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just the Boys

Tia and Kendall left last night, heading up to their race and a weekend of horse camping. So Delaney and I went out, a boys night. We stopped at On the Border for dinner. Delaney wasn’t thrilled, wanting somewhere quicker since we were both hungry. There was a wait, but since Tia had mentioned it on Thur, I had a craving and I was driving.

We got drinks from the bar while we waited and chatted. It was fun, and I think he started to enjoy it. When we got our table, we both both fajitas, a first for Delaney. He has been trying a few more things that I do, and it’s been interesting. Out of the blue, on a suggestion, he tried the moonshine hot sauce I bought a few weeks ago, and now he picked fajitas when he saw me order them.

We had a good dinner, talking about things and eating. He enjoyed it, and then it was off to a movie. We saw “Killers”, which isn’t great, but isn’t horrible either. It’s a spy spoof, a thriller/comedy, that could never be true, but had some funny moments. Delaney was laughing out loud a few times.

A good night, and we’ll have a guys weekend with the girls gone. Not sure what we’ll do, but it should be fun.

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