Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Referees in the NBA Finals are inconsistent

I saw most of Games 1 and 2, and about the last 8 minutes of Game 3, and then read Doc River’s criticism of the games yesterday. I like Doc, liked him as a player, and think he’s a great coach. I do agree with him in ways that the referees missed some calls. And they made some silly calls.

I’m rooting for the Lakers, having been a fan since I was a kid, so I’m a little biased. I didn’t see all the calls in Game 3, but I saw some at the end and I think the refs are struggling with the stars. The calls on Ray Allen in game 1 were mixed. A couple were good, in my mind, and a couple were bad. I’d say the same thing about Bryant, and I wonder if there were some make-up calls there.

That stinks. Two wrongs don’t make a right, especially across games, and it makes for poorer basketball for fans.

I have seen quite a few moving screens, and I’ve seen some pushing/banging, that I think should be called. By both Odom and Garnett especially. There have been moving screens on both side, and that’s hard to call. The refs have been inconsistent on those and I wonder what will happen tonight.

I did like them reviewing the out of bounds calls at the end, though I’m not sure why the Rondo pull on Odom’s arm wasn’t a foul there. In either case, they did a great job of getting the correct call, despite slowing the game down. I’d like to see them smooth that process, and then I’d like to see more separation between the NBA and the refs in terms of administration. I guess I’d like to see some third party companies, maybe even a few, training and hiring referees and then the leagues contracting with those companies to hire refs for games.

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K. Brian Kelley said...

The pull on the arm was a foul. However, under the instant reply rules, fouls are not reviewable. So even though the foul is what kept Odom from catching the ball cleanly, it can't be called. Therefore, the only thing that can be called based on instant reply is the fact that the ball went off of Odom last. That's why it was Celtics ball with no foul called.