Sunday, June 13, 2010

Split Movie Night

We told the kids that we would take them to see the A-Team last night after Tia got back from her race. Everyone seemed interested, but then we had a wrinkle. Our karate school made an announcement that they’d take all the kids next Saturday to see the Karate Kid for free. The kids seemed excited, but the Kendall got extra excited. She told me yesterday that she wanted to see it right away and didn’t want to wait a week.

So we ended up splitting the family last night. Tia and Delaney went to the A-Team, and they loved it. Said it was well done with non-stop action. I always liked that tv show, so I’d like to see that at some point. Kendall and I went to the Karate Kid, and I enjoyed that. It’s similar to, but different than the original, and Kendall really enjoyed it. I’d look at her face in some parts and there was always a lot of an expression. Joy, excitement, laughter, something happening. They did a good job having Jaden Smith evolve as a kid that learns to respect others, a much bigger change than the original.

It’s a long movie as well. We started 15 minutes before  the A-Team and Tia was waiting for us. We headed home, and then we slept in, waking up at nearly 10 after I got up around 8 and decided not to do the karate run in a windy, cold, drizzly day.

Kyle had other plans, heading to a rave with friends, which is likely to be the norm for most family outings from this point on. He’s got his own life, which is good. I know I was that way when I started driving.

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