Thursday, June 17, 2010

Running with Delaney

Today was one of Delaney’s scheduled runs, so after a conference call this afternoon, I got him to get dressed and we headed out. Once again we drove up to the mailboxes so that he wouldn’t be fighting the hill when he starts. He could do it, and we might start soon, but for now that kind of kills him.

I took him down the horse trail, a run I did with Tia earlier this week. It’s relatively flat, with a couple of good hills, but none too long. We go from our street, behind properties to the next street and Delaney liked this more. He thought it was pretty easy halfway down, and told me this was a good run.

Then we hit a hill and he struggled a bit, but not too much. He walked two times while we did our 1.4miles. Once halfway, once on the way back. Both times he just wanted a 10-20sec breather and then kept going. He even kicked it up a notch on the last hundred yards.

A month in and I can definitely see improvement. We’re getting close to pushing for a continuous two miles, and I wonder how he’ll do on the track. That will let us know if we need to work more on speed.

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