Friday, December 31, 2010

Books in 2010

Eighty books read, and in progress on four more right now. If I look through the list, it’s quite a long list, with quite a few concentrated authors. Not the 100 in some years, but still impressive. There were definitely some long periods where I didn’t read a lot this year.

I published a few reviews today that have been half done and sitting in my drafts. Most of those I read in Nov/Dec.

My favorites:

It’s Your Ship #6 – Amazing book on management.

The Confession #78 – The passion of a Time to Kill

Containment #49 – Threw me for a loop

Daemon #72 – Very, very exciting

Space Prison #60 – Playing long ball in a whole new way.

The Things They Carried #37 – A look back at how a platoon was affected by the Vietnam war. Faulkner-like.

A few disappointments

61 Hours #47 – Didn’t feel complete, a little rushed.

Worth Dying For #65 – Not the energy of the other books.

Victorius #38 – Not a great ending to this series.

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