Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 1 - Steamboat Springs 2010

A slow start, waking up, trying to get organized and out the door. We all packed uo and headed to the slopes. We missed breakfast, but had an early lunch slope side before getting on the gondola and going up. It was cloudy , snowing, and even some rain which made it hard for us to see. Even with goggles, our faces were taking a beating, add to that Kendall wanting to only stick to greens and it was a hard afternoon. We only did 3 runs before deciding to head back.

As we got off the last lift, delaney slipped and hurt his ankle a bit and wanted to gondola down. Tia went with him and I took the Ks down the long green to the base.

We got back andi went running, worried that i might miss the chance. I got back and we all headed down again and i tok the little ones swimming while tia and Kyle worked out. The pool was outdoors, but it was warm and heated, with two large hot tubs. We played, sat in hot tubs, and even spent 10minutes in the steam room.

A good day, finished with Tia and I going out to have a drink and get piza for the kids. beau Jos was excellent and it was great to find them up here.

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