Friday, December 31, 2010

Book #80 - Peace Warrior

Peace Warrior had such a cool cover that I had to try it. At the very least I figured my son would enjoy it.
We start in the near future, with a highly decorated soldier leading his platoon on an ambush in the frozen north of Europe. They are winning, but he tries to save another soldier, only to slide across the road and hang from a branch above a frozen lake. The enemy, none too thrilled to have had their convoy ambushed, shoots off his arms and legs. He falls, and manages to slip into the ice, dying on his own terms.
Only he doesn’t die. 600 years later he is awakened by scientists that manage to revive his frozen body and regrow the arms and legs, fixing and improving his body. He’s brought back because the entire human race has moved to “peace” unwilling to embrace any violence. However 13 years before this, a warlike race enslaved the humans because they were so passive and uses them to mine the Earth. The soldier is an experiment to try and get rid of the aliens.
It’s a fascinating look at the future. I can’t believe it would happen, but who knows. Not everyone is peaceful, as there is a “Violent’s Prison” where those who cannot conform at kept, but I cannot believe that only 20,000 or so of the 60 billion people don’t fit in.
Is you suspend that premise, it’s a fun read. I had a hard time putting it down.

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