Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Still Going

It’s 10:50pm and I’m just sitting down to do some work. I had a friend that was struggling with his job and wanted to talk, so I burned a little over an hour helping him to gain some perspective on his job and life and give some advice. For the most part he was already to do what I suggested, but I think he wanted a second opinion.

Then I had to help Delaney get finished with a science project. He neglected to do anything before tonight, and I was a little annoyed with him. He got it done, with only a little help from me, but probably a little too much prodding. I should have perhaps let him fail a little more on this one. Hopefully I will next time or he will learn a lesson from this time.

Not a lot to do, but trying to get things done for a week of vacation has me jammed up a bit.

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