Thursday, December 9, 2010


I hate missing commitments. I was always taught to under-promise and over-deliver. I try not to take on commitments that I can’t meet, and am sometimes a little too conservative. But I rarely miss following through on anything.

However tonight I found out that Delaney’s black belt test will be Jan 22, 2011. That’s also the day that I had committed to speak at SQL Saturday #45. Not just speak, but I have a morning session, the keynote, and a lunchtime session for my employer, Red Gate software. Plus I had told Kendall I’d take her with me, and let her hang out with her Aunt.

I tried lightly to get the school to slide the test a week, but they have someone coming from out of town, so it’s a set date. No decision for me, I’ll cancel the work trip since I’ve been with Delaney for 4 years at karate, trying to get him through the test.

I was going to push and see if I would be ready by then, but even if I pushed next week and in early Jan, I’d still be technically a month away, and not sure that I think it’s fair if I got my test in as well. Plus I’d like to watch Delaney so I think I’ll ease up and not worry about when I test.

I am glad that I went to class tonight and found out the date sooner rather than later.

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