Saturday, December 11, 2010

Super Server

This morning I took Kendall to her volleyball camp early. She hasn't been in a month because of holiays and scouts last week, so it was a long layoff. She was excited to go and I'm glad she did. They drilled for half the time, then split girls into teams and played games.

Kendall did well, serving well and moving to get balls. Lots of girls had feet planted and didn't really move at all. The coach was great, gently reminding them, and trying to keep them motivated and slowly kids started to move a bit. At one point they got to a short game, only to 11, and the coach said that the best server on each team should start. All the girls on Kendall's team looked to her, and she was beaming as she moved over to start the game as the server.

I'm glad to see her enjoy this, and am looking forward to the spring season.

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