Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A little sick

I started feeling a cold coming on yesterday, and after a long night's sleep, it was definitely here today. No runny nose, but a sore throat and tight chest. However I decided to brave the slopes again since it was sunny and warmer. After breakfast, we got ready, stopping by the store for some bunion pads to help cushion Kendall's feet.

After those were on, we added some to Delaney since he had scraped his foot in the pool. It didn't work great, however, and he decided to skip skiing again. Kyle was also tired, so it was me and the girls.

At first it was tough. Up the gondola and the green run down from there was slow, sticky, and Kendall's hair was bothering her. At one point she stopped and said she didn't want to go on. It was definitely trying Tia's and my patience to get her to the lift and go up again. We got to the top, rearranged her clothes and headed down the green run again. All of a sudden, everything was OK. Good for me since I was ready to skip skiing next year with the family at the rate things were going.

The three us us ended up going up and down the backside, and even getting Kendall on some blue runs, where she did great. We had a good time, going up and down the backside in the sun, continuing on until 3:30 when we headed back. I was feeling OK, using cough drops to keep my throat going, but I'm definitely beat now. I need some food and some rest tonight.

I had one good slip near a lift, when I didn't see a lane closed until I was right there and when I tried to change direction, I bumped the railing. That and I went through some deep powder and face planted nicely in a pile of snow. However it's so fluffy, and in that spot, about 2 ft deep that it didn't hurt.

A great day skiing, a short run, and now I'm ready to call it a day after dinner.

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