Friday, December 31, 2010

Book #77–Mech 2

As soon as I finished Mech, I bought and started Mech 2. I enjoyed the first one, and this one was good, but a different twist. In this one, it’s ten years later and the former governer of Gern, that defeated the aliens, is just arriving at his home system. That more realistic view of space travel interested me.

The aliens are back, this time a separate ship, a different type of alien that can genetically engineer other species into aliens lands on a remote base and attacks.

As with the first book, there are multiple stories going on. The human factions are disjointed, fight with each other, have their own agendas within the government, and with rebels that are in the far end of the system. The aliens aren’t invincible, but their bio-technology gives them a nice edge that nearly overwhelms the humans.

Fortunately the humans have mechs, which help them out. However that’s not the ultimate tool as one of the mechs “remembers” her past as a murderer, with an interesting story within a story taking place.


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