Sunday, December 12, 2010

Daddy Kendall Day

I had planned to take Kendall on a bike ride, and run next to her this morning. However after fixing the electrical plug for Tia and then changing a trailer tire, it was too windy. So we planned on going swimming. We packed up and headed out.

Kendall's bathing suits situation was in disarray. We couldn't find the bottoms to her latest suit, and the others were too small, or too stretched out. So we planned on stopping by Wal-Mart first. We couldn't find suits, but we did get her Girl Scout secret Santa present.

So we went to Justice, but they only had one suit left. Kendall didn't love it, so we moved on.

Kohls had a few suits, but they didn't fit well. Grrrrrrr.

Sports Authority had lots of one pieces, but Kendall doesn't like those. They had a few black Nike bikinis, which Kendall was willing to wear even though she didn't love them. However at $55, I wasn't willing.

At this point I was thinking that we should try something else. I suggested bowling, and Kendall liked that, but when we got over near the alley at Park Meadows, Kendall told me that the Justice at the mall had suits. I was a little tired, but decided to give it another chance. First we sat down to eat since we were hungry. We had a good meal, with Kendall trying and enjoying some Japanese rice and BBQ chicken.

Then we got distracted. First we stopped by the candy store where they had little bags and a sign saying $2.79. I let Kendall start filling it with candy, not paying attention. 1.75 lb of candy later, and $17, we walked out. I told Kendall I'd have to manage the candy since I wasn't sure she could be trusted with that much candy.

We wandered into Brookstone, with Kendall dying for the automated candy machine. She kept saying that she'd love it if Santa brought it. I told her I was worried about her having a candy machine and would write a letter for Santa to *not* bring it to her. We had a good laugh about that.

At Justice we found some suits, but none that she loved, so we decided to give up on swimming for the day.We say in the food court and had some candy (Kendall) and a blizzard (Steve) while we looked for movies. We found The Chronicles of Narnia part 3 and decided to go see it. We had time to kill, so I took Kendall to the indoor skydiving place. She thought that was pretty cool and would try it sometime. We'll see.

The movie was great, in 3D, and we enjoyed it. I'd read the books as a kid, but hadn't seen the movies for one or two, so in places when characters popped up, Kendall would whisper and explain things to me. It was pretty neat.

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