Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 2 - Steamboat Christmas

We got going slightly quicker today, up and eating breakfast in the hotel before heading to the slopes. Kendall didn't want to ski, so we left her with a phone in the room. Leftover pizza, Netflix, and Tv. She was fine, only sending us one message in the afternoon asking for a snack to come back.

The four of us headed out and picked up our equipment from storage at the base of the mountain. The Steamboat Grand hotel has complementary storage over there. Its not far, about 200 yards or so, but it's a nice touch and makes a difference. They will even keep boots there and run them through a dryer system at night.

We headed up the gondola, snow coming down, and went back to the right (south?) side of the mountain. Delaney was nervous about the blues, so we did greens again, up and down the area we have spent most time in. It was nice, not too cold, not too snowy. Te snow was coming down, but it was dry ad not coming too fast. Much easier to ski than yesterday.

Today was my down to get injured, slipping while getting off the lift on patch of ice, sliding into Delaney and then landing on my knees. They are nicely bruised and a little sore.

We rewards a bit in the lodge on the mountain, had some fun with each other before skiing down and heading back. A good day.

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